Grip Tips to Get it Right Every Time

Grip your Razor:

lvl shave co pinkies through loops how to use   

For easy and satisfying results, hold the device from behind as shown in the video. Slide your pinky into the loop. For guys with Big Shoulders or Limited Flex, we recommend putting your middle finger through the loops instead if you find it hard to reach with your pinky. Thumbs on Bottom, Index Fingers on Top.

Find your hairline:

LVL Shave Co Finding Hairline


By simply holding the device behind your head with this grip, you can slide both index fingers down to the bottom of the hairline and place the Neck Razor just BELOW the hairline. This is where the problematic neck hair really begins with no risk of cutting into the hairline.


 Shave and Repeat:

how to align lvl shave co using lvl shavo co

From there simply level facing a mirror...and swipe away! Repeat by aligning just to the left and right for optimal results.